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How to install Unix FreeBSD

Yes, this a little different the previous installation tutorials. FreeBSD installation is quite complicated and had quite a lot of questions asked during installation 🙁 However, FreeBSD is quite a powerful system if you know how to manage it. It provides the best security system compared to others.

I’ll try to make the installation process as simple as I can. Proceed to below:

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How to install Windows Server 2003

Ah, let’s try something else for a change besides Linux installation. In this entry I’ll show you how to install the Windows Server 2003. Although not so many in volume, but there are big companies that runs on .asp for their website and application, plus using Microsoft SQL Server as their database system. This operating system was built to support those requirements 😉

You may follow the installation steps as below:

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Forgot Your Windows Password? Worry no more

Some say, when you forgot your Windows password, format will be the only option. But today I’ll show and teach you how to reset back (more like blank-ed it) your Windows password without the need to format your computer.

Presenting NT Password & Registry Editor, a freeware software that you able to get it at:

More Steps to Reset Your Password after the jump

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Reset Your Linux Password in Single Mode

This step will work on especially on CentOS, RedHat, and Fedora. Make sure you didn’t put any password for your GRUB during installation or this tutorial won’t be any help.

1) Turn on the server until the loading screen appears.

2) While on countdown, press any key to cancel the countdown

3) Select your current Linux kernel:

4) Select the Kernel, then press “e” to edit the line:

5) Go to the end of the line, press the spacebar once, then add the word “single” like below:

6) Press Enter and press “b” to boot that argument that you just modified

7) Wait till it finished loading, then you are able to start typing. Then you may change your password like below:

8) When done, type “reboot” and you are able to use the new password.

VirtualBox – Your Virtual Training Needs

Presenting VirtualBox by Oracle. This is a useful tool for those that need some practice on a new operating system which they are not familiar with without using any actual server. Those that not familiar with an operating system are recommended to use this as they won’t cause any permanent damage to the system rather than letting them test using an actual server. Please visit to download the latest version of the VirtualBox.

Click below for more instruction on how to install and use VirtualBox

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