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How to delete over 100,000 files with rm

Ever tried to delete 100,000 files with rm? Got the following error message?

/bin/rm: Argument list too long.

Heh yeah me too.

Here is the solution: (lets say you want to delete all files that end with .mbox)

find . -name ‘*.mbox’ -print0 | xargs -0 rm

Recently my mail server went out of control, the end result, thousands of duplicate emails.

Tips, Articles & Reviews of WORDPRESS 2.3

To all WORDPRESS ENTHUSIAST, below are some of the links we have collected to help you find what you need to know most about the new functions of wordpress 2.3.

  1. Summarized key changes and feature improvements in WordPress 2.3 by Aaron Brazell
  2. Very helpful step-by-step guide to changing your WordPress Theme to include the new tag templates tags.
  3. How to reduce number of 404 Page Not Found Errors on your blog.
  4. More detail explanations on using the new tag template tags.
  5. More feed control through AtomPub support

Long awaited WORDPRESS 2.3 has been released !

WordPress 2.3  has been released 2hours ago.

What’s New in WordPress 2.3

  • A new Tagging system similar to the Ultimate Tag Warrior WordPress Plugin.
  • Link and Post Categories have been separated.
  • Post and page management Administration has been improved with the introduction of Filters. See it here
  • All the JavaScript Libraries included in WordPress have been updated to the latest versions.
  • The files in WP-Admin have been reorganized and Code formatting and style is also being cleaned up.


Download link: