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Mozilla Firefox 4 Released

Mozilla’s official Firefox webpage hasn’t been updated yet to show the release of Firefox 4, but expect this to be done within the next 24 hours. Firefox 4 was supposed to be shipped to customers in November 2010, but several delays caused the release date to be pushed back on multiple occasions.

Firefox 4 sports many new features, such as: a refreshed user interface with tabs-on-top, improved tab organization, improved add-on organization, improved support for HTML 5 and CSS 3, and improved performance with JavaScript.

Download links for Firefox 4 are available below:

* Firefox 4 for Windows
* Firefox 4 for Mac OS X
* Firefox 4 for Linux (x86 and x64)

VirtualBox – Your Virtual Training Needs

Presenting VirtualBox by Oracle. This is a useful tool for those that need some practice on a new operating system which they are not familiar with without using any actual server. Those that not familiar with an operating system are recommended to use this as they won’t cause any permanent damage to the system rather than letting them test using an actual server. Please visit to download the latest version of the VirtualBox.

Click below for more instruction on how to install and use VirtualBox

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Opera 9.5 beta released

Opera 9.5 beta is available for download! Since the first alpha release hundreds of bugs have been fixed. Website rendering has been significantly improved, along with performance, stability and usability.

Opera Link
With Opera Link, it’s possible to get access to your bookmarks and Speed Dials everywhere. Get Opera Mini 4 beta and login to Opera Link to get your desktop bookmarks, or login to to access your bookmarks with any other browser.

The Desktop Team would like to thank everyone in the community for testing the weeklies, reporting bugs, and giving feedback on this blog and the forums! :up:
Enjoy the Rock Opera launch party :drunk: , and don’t forget to join the online celibrations if you can’t be there.

Changelogs: Windows, Mac, Unix

Download Opera 9.5 beta