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How to Setup Software RAID for Windows Server 2003

Hi. Today I’m going to show you on how to setup a software RAID as usual. But this time, it will not be based on Linux or Unix operating system. Today I’m going to show how to setup for Windows Server 2003. Yes, Windows Server 2003 has a built-in function that almost similar to Software RAID function.

Please make sure before this installation, you will need 2 identical hard disk with same space connected to the server. But the truth is, you don’t need to same hard disk with the same space amount, but as long as you partitioned the space equally then it would be good as well. But for beginner, it is better to get a hard disk that got the same space quantity, less percentage that you would get yourself confused.

Below are the steps on how to enable the Software RAID inside Windows Server 2003:
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How to install Windows Server 2003

Ah, let’s try something else for a change besides Linux installation. In this entry I’ll show you how to install the Windows Server 2003. Although not so many in volume, but there are big companies that runs on .asp for their website and application, plus using Microsoft SQL Server as their database system. This operating system was built to support those requirements 😉

You may follow the installation steps as below:

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Forgot Your Windows Password? Worry no more

Some say, when you forgot your Windows password, format will be the only option. But today I’ll show and teach you how to reset back (more like blank-ed it) your Windows password without the need to format your computer.

Presenting NT Password & Registry Editor, a freeware software that you able to get it at:

More Steps to Reset Your Password after the jump

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Task Manager has been disabled by your administrator

Summary: Task manager can be disabled manually, but more commonly it’s disabled by a virus. It’s easy to re-enable once you’re virus-free.

IMPORTANT: If this restriction was enabled in your system without you doing anything or without your knowledge, then it’s highly likely that a Virus has blocked the usage of Task Manager in your system by enabling the DisableTaskMgr policy via the registry. I strongly suggest that you perform a thorough checkup of your system immediately. Steps listed in the Resolution section of this article helps you unblock the Task Manager, but that does not remove the Virus (if any) from your system.

Method 1

Click Start, Run and type this command exactly as given below: (better – Copy and paste)

Method 2

  • Click Start, Run and type Regedit.exe
  • Navigate to the following branch:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Policies\ System

  • In the right-pane, delete the value named DisableTaskMgr
  • Close Regedit.exe

Method 3: Using Group Policy Editor – for Windows XP Professional

  • Click Start, Run, type gpedit.msc and click OK.
  • Navigate to this branch:

User Configuration / Administrative Templates / System / Ctrl+Alt+Delete Options / Remove Task Manager

  • Double-click the Remove Task Manager option.
  • Set the policy to Not Configured.