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Basics of Networking

IP ADDRESS (Internet Protocol)

Definition:  A numerical value that been assigned to a device/computer/node in order for it to join/participate/communicate in a network. IP address only has a valid combination of number 0 – 255 (which consist of 256 digits as 0 is also counted)

IP address must be unique in each device/computer/node and cannot have a duplicate in the same network. IP address usually is represented in dotted-decimal notation for example

IP address is divided into 2 purposes; one is for external (normal use) and internal (private network, localhost). The internal IP is only usable within the Local Area Network (LAN). It will not pass through the modem/router and people from outside the network normally won’t be able to connect/enter to your device through the usage of private IP. But by using Virtual Private Network (VPN), you are able to connect in between different private networks.
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Fix Your Streamyx Problem Today by Using TMnet Proxy

Guys, if you having packet loss problem now with streamyx, you can use these proxies.

Usable proxy list:

updated: 26/04/2010

Firefox setting:

Tools ->Options->Advance->Network->Settings


Internet Explorer Setting:

Tools -> Internet Options -> Connections -> Lan Settings


Notes: If you happen to get error message while surfing the net using this proxy, which means this proxy is no longer usable.

Opera v9.60 Released

The most full-featured Internet power tool on the market, Opera includes pop-up blocking, tabbed browsing, integrated searches, and advanced functions like Opera’s groundbreaking E-mail program, RSS Newsfeeds and IRC chat. And because we know that our users have different needs, you can customize the look and content of your Opera browser with a few clicks of the mouse.

Download: Opera v9.60

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How To Search For MP3 In Google

Google is the big brother of all search engines. If something is uploaded into the Internet, sooner or later it will be crawled and indexed by the Google bot. This is inevitable unless there are preventive measures taken to ensure the content is not accessible to the Google bot.

Although sharing some types of MP3 files is considered illegal, there are still people who have uploaded them. We can always use Google to search for these MP3 files, provided you know the complex codes that are required. I stumbled upon two websites that enables us to easily search for MP3 files on the Internet.

Website #1: Download browser
There are four steps that you need to follow in this instruction. Just follow them and you should be fine.

Website #2: GP2
This is an easier alternative. You can search for other items apart from songs using this website.

Yahoo! Search now with predictive input

Yahoo! Search today announced Search Assist, the most advanced assistance technology available on the Web, and the integration of audio, video and photos directly into the search results to help make Web search effortless for consumers. The new Yahoo! Search was designed to better understand user intent and get consumers to the results they are looking for in one search.

Recent research conducted by Harris Interactive on behalf of Yahoo! on the state of the Web shows that consumers are suffering from “Web search fatigue.” The study revealed that while 99 percent of online adults use a search engine to find information on the Internet, a mere 15 percent of them find what they’re looking for with their first search, with most needing to conduct three to four searches.

“The new Yahoo! Search is focused on getting consumers the most relevant information as well as providing the best user experience. We know that consumers want a complete answer, not a bunch of links, and the changes we’ve made are focused on getting people to the best answer — whether it be a Web link, photo, video or music clip — in one search,” said Vish Makhijani, general manager and senior vice president of Yahoo! Search.

Only available from Yahoo!, Search Assist goes beyond basic search “suggestions” and gives consumers real-time query suggestions as well as related topics and concepts, which is especially valuable when a person is searching on an unfamiliar topic.

Yahoo! Search Assist is there for consumers when they need it and is out of their way when they don’t. Yahoo! Search Assist senses when a consumer needs help with their search and opens a drop down menu of suggestions and related concepts (see diagram 1) that enables further exploration around their search topic.


In addition to the new Search Assist feature, Yahoo! Search has also introduced multimedia integration including video, audio and photos (see diagram 2) directly into the search results, allowing consumers to get their answer — whether it’s a Web link, photo, video or music clip — without leaving the page.


As part of the new Yahoo! Search, consumers will also see new Yahoo! Search Shortcuts, with the most useful information found on the Web and contributed by other online users. The new shortcuts were designed to help consumers save time when searching for popular categories such as events, music, movies, travel, sports, health, shopping, businesses and restaurants (see diagram 3). Yahoo! Search Shortcuts integrate ratings and reviews, photos, official websites and other useful information, giving consumers a complete answer for their search.


The new Yahoo! Search features are available immediately at in the United States, and Yahoo! Search Assist will also be available in the near future in the United Kingdom.