Forgot Your Windows Password? Worry no more

Some say, when you forgot your Windows password, format will be the only option. But today I’ll show and teach you how to reset back (more like blank-ed it) your Windows password without the need to format your computer.

Presenting NT Password & Registry Editor, a freeware software that you able to get it at:

More Steps to Reset Your Password after the jump

Do visit the website and download the bootable CD image. After burn it to the CD, insert it to your CD-ROM and make sure the BIOS is set to Boot to CD first. You may follow the steps as below to reset the password:

1) Just press Enter when it is asking for boot option

2) The next screen will show the available windows boot inside your computer. By default 1 is chosen. You may press Enter to proceed.

3) It will ask where is the location of the registry. It is already loaded to C:\Windows\system32\config\ by default, so just press Enter again

4) On the next screen, choose 1 to reset your password. By default 1 already been chosen, so you may press Enter

5) Next, just follow the default option which is 1 and press enter

6) Here it will list out all available users inside your Windows. You need to type which username you want to reset the password. It is Case-sensitive

7) On this screen, select 1 and press Enter to reset the account’s password.

8) Your password now has been reset to “blank”

9) You may press ! to quit edit the user.

10) Later on press q to quit and save the new config.

11) Press n to completely quit the system

12) Type Reboot and now you may login to your Windows with a blank password

Happy Tryin 😉

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