Basics of Networking

IP ADDRESS (Internet Protocol)

Definition:Β  A numerical value that been assigned to a device/computer/node in order for it to join/participate/communicate in a network. IP address only has a valid combination of number 0 – 255 (which consist of 256 digits as 0 is also counted)

IP address must be unique in each device/computer/node and cannot have a duplicate in the same network. IP address usually is represented in dotted-decimal notation for example

IP address is divided into 2 purposes; one is for external (normal use) and internal (private network, localhost). The internal IP is only usable within the Local Area Network (LAN). It will not pass through the modem/router and people from outside the network normally won’t be able to connect/enter to your device through the usage of private IP. But by using Virtual Private Network (VPN), you are able to connect in between different private networks.
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How to install Unix FreeBSD

Yes, this a little different the previous installation tutorials. FreeBSD installation is quite complicated and had quite a lot of questions asked during installation πŸ™ However, FreeBSD is quite a powerful system if you know how to manage it. It provides the best security system compared to others.

I’ll try to make the installation process as simple as I can. Proceed to below:

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How to install Windows Server 2003

Ah, let’s try something else for a change besides Linux installation. In this entry I’ll show you how to install the Windows Server 2003. Although not so many in volume, but there are big companies that runs on .asp for their website and application, plus using Microsoft SQL Server as their database system. This operating system was built to support those requirements πŸ˜‰

You may follow the installation steps as below:

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